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Exceeding Your Expectations with Permanent employees  and contractors that Create Amazing Solutions to Overachieve your Goals

Team Working in Glass Partitioned Office

AI  Resources  |  Software Developers  |  Data   Analytics Professionals and Teams 

Skilled and creative experts that  exceed your requirements.

We vet and test all consultants to have the technical skills and industry expertise your solutions require.  But more importantly they are screened for the teamwork and creativity to create  amazing solutions to achieve your goals.

AI Skills

Deep learning and neural networks

Data engineering

Big data analytics

Data visualization

Python, Java, C++, and R

Algorithms and data structures

Machine learning and deep learning

Computer vision

Generative AI

ChatGPT, AI chatbot, AI text-to-speech

You Only Look Once, Object detection, Stable Diffusion,

Natural Language Processing (NLP) skills

Linguistics, Deep learning

Text mining, Information retrieval

Sentiment analysis

Predictive AI  focuses on predicting future outcomes

Some of the skills required for Predictive AI include :

Thinking with a predictive mindset

Understanding the basics of predictive techniques

Knowing how to think critically about variables

Understanding how to interpret results and validate models


Software Skills 
Bash/Shell/Powershell, C, C# C++

Go,  HTML/CSS, Java, Javascript

Kotlin, Objective-C, Perl

PHP,  Python, R

Ruby, Scala, SQL

Swift,  TypeScript

AngularJS, AWS, Docker, Git

Jenkins, Kubernetes, Node.js, ReactJS

Spring Framework, Struts

Data, Cloud and Analytics Skills 
Apache Flink, Apache Spark, Hadoop , Cloudera 

Databricks, Snowflake

AWS, Azure, Oracle Cloud, Google Cloud

SQL,Python, R, SAS, SPSS, Tableau, Power BI, QlikView/Qlik Sense, Looker, Domo, Google Analytics

HiveQL, Pig Latin, NoSQL databases (MongoDB, Cassandra) Machine learning algorithms (K-NN, Naive Bayes, SVM, Decision Trees) Data visualization tools (D3.js, ggplot2) Statistical analysis tools (MATLAB, Mathematica)

Project Strategy and Management Process

Achieve Your Goals

Discuss your project goals and how to get there. The skills you will need and the resources plus project plan and process of how it will be accomplished. Our project mangers utilize the latest Agile processes to ensure timely completion and focus on achieving the goals of the project both outcomes and user experience.

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